The court ruled: first: to obligate the defendant to pay to the first plaintiff the proceeds of the property subject of the lawsuit one thousand eight hundred dinars and to the second plaintiff one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight dinars, four hundred and sixty-one fils.

Second, it is not possible to separate the property located in the group (*) of (*) listed under case No. ******, with an area of two hundred nineteen square meters and the car is brand (*) No. (*) model (*) and to sell each of them by auction as stated in the Law of Proceedings at a price not less than the estimated amount of fifty-four thousand eight hundred twenty-eight dinars for the property and three thousand five hundred dinars for the car and the price obtained from the sale shall be distributed on the two parties to the litigation according to the shares in the religious ordinance No. (*) and obligated the defendants to pay the expenses and the attorney fees and rejected the rest requests.

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